Adimur is an agriculture trading company which most of the resources came from Indonesia. Indonesia is known as one of the richest country in earth natural resources such as tobacco, beans, tropical fruits, mining, and many more.

The company were established in 1952, at Surabaya city. The company name was (Kheng Hong Trading Co. Ltd.), changed to 'ADIMUR' in the early eighties. Starting from 1 small warehouse to store the trading goods, now the numbers have grown into 5 warehouses.

Adimur has policy and strong commitment to prioritize customer satisfaction, produce good quality products, provide reasonable price and on time delivery. We will continue to improve our quality management system. All stages in our production processes are thoroughly inspected and controlled with the purpose that our product quality, in every stage can be ensured to comply with customers requirements.

Adimur wishes are to achieve its missions to have an active business roles and offers its prime services to other countries around the world.

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